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Plan NumberPlan TypeProject NameAreaCurrent StagePendingProject DoxLead ReviewerProposed DUApproved DUProposed SQFTApproved SQFT
11981068BPrelim Plan 4 Bethesda Metro Cente1Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 48906071640
11984280APrelim Plan Montrose Industrial Pa2Waiting for DRC meetingPendingNo 0030000
11992004APrelim Plan Denit Property Parcel 3Waiting for DecisionPendingNoKatherine Holt91000
11993048CPrelim Plan Gate of Heaven Cemeter2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey0010
11994017APrelim Plan Church of Agape Lot 1 3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJeffrey Server0071120
11996071CPrelim Plan Fairhill Lot 9A3Waiting for DRC meetingPendingYes 1000
11998091DPrelim Plan Rock Spring Park2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTamika Graham004636510
11998092CPrelim Plan Rock Spring Centre2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM0000
12002079BPrelim Plan Rochambeau - The Frenc1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKathy Reilly002759260
12003092CPrelim Plan Sandy Spring Friends S3Waiting for DRC meetingPendingNoMary Jo Kishter00137000
12003110DPrelim Plan Cabin Branch Amendment3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesChris Van Alstyne2386024200000
12004091APrelim Plan Cobblers Knoll3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesDoug Johnsen2000
12005018CPrelim Plan Westfield Montgomery M2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTroy Leftwich71702071960
12006028APrelim Plan Meadowvale2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRhonda HerssonRingskog19000
12006066APrelim Plan Verma Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYes 1000
12006118APrelim Plan Seneca Springs (Stern 3Waiting for DRC ResponsePendingNoJoshua Penn11000
12006124APrelim Plan Centro Cristiano Inter3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAaron Savage00217000
12007021APrelim Plan MCCORMICKS ADD TO HORI3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesChris Van Alstyne2000
12009011BPrelim Plan Barnesville Oak Farm3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn0000
12009038APrelim Plan Metro Plaza - Silver S1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKathy Reilly5520142060
12011008APrelim Plan 9800 Medical Center Dr2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesPatrick Reed005445790
120110280Prelim Plan 6413 Orchard Avenue1Waiting for DRC ResponsePendingNoMarco Fuster0079560
120150100Prelim Plan White Oak Town Center2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesLori Shirley2890650000
120150190Prelim Plan Magruders Pasture3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey3000
120150210Prelim Plan Akbari Residence3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey1000
12016001APrelim Plan 8101 Glenbrook Road1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKathy Reilly00198310
120170170Prelim Plan Westwood Shopping Cent1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden51601762320
12018003APrelim Plan Bannockburn1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 1000
120180090Prelim Plan Long Branch Corner1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden00106070
120180130Prelim Plan Andrus Property2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTroy Leftwich16000
120180230Prelim Plan St. Anne's Episcopal C3Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 76000
120180250Prelim Plan Primrose Layhill2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM00126340
120180260Prelim Plan New Hampshire Ave. Res3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey0028900
120190010Prelim Plan Reddemeade3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 7120000
120190020Prelim Plan Windridge Winery3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn0052570
120190030Prelim Plan Parkridge2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0051420
120190040Prelim Plan Poplar Grove3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesBenjamin Berbert54005200000
120190060Prelim Plan 8000 Wisconsin1Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 4410200000
120190070Prelim Plan 6000 Executive Bouleva2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 36503149410
120190080Prelim Plan Lauraner Knowles Estat2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey19000
120190090Prelim Plan 850 Sligo Avenue1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMatthew Folden85069120
120190100Prelim Plan Mont.Co. Humane Societ2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey00130000
120190110Prelim Plan Greenskeeper Landscapi3Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 00113480
120190120Prelim Plan Potter Glen3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey6000
120190130Prelim Plan 8800 Brookville Road1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesElza Hisel-McCoy00205250
120190140Prelim Plan Knowles Manor2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTroy Leftwich94000
120190150Prelim Plan Takoma Junction1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesElza Hisel-McCoy00407610
120190160Prelim Plan VOB Development2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey100001101690
120190170Prelim Plan Key Bridge Subdivision2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120190180Prelim Plan Strathmore Square2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM214901585000
120190190Prelim Plan Metro Tower1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMarco Fuster3660110000
120190200Prelim Plan Kolius Property1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000