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Plan NumberPlan TypeProject NameAreaCurrent StagePendingProject DoxLead ReviewerProposed DUApproved DUProposed SQFTApproved SQFT
11984280APrelim Plan Montrose Industrial Pa2Waiting for DRC meetingPendingNo 0030000
11987066APrelim Plan Sandy Spring Village2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey56000
11989032APrelim Plan Bucklodge Tract3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
11989271DPrelim Plan Wildwood Manor Shoppin2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
11992004APrelim Plan Denit Property Parcel 3Waiting for DecisionPendingNoKatherine Holt91000
11995042DPrelim Plan Clarksburg Town Center3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJeffrey Server12000
11998015BPrelim Plan Norwood School3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingNo 0000
11998051APrelim Plan 7070 Arlington Road1Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 250000
11998092CPrelim Plan Rock Spring Centre2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM0000
11999103APrelim Plan All Souls Cemetery Exp3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12000004BPrelim Plan Garden of Remembrance 3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12002020EPrelim Plan Chevy Chase Lake - Blo1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesGrace Bogdan0000
12002079BPrelim Plan Rochambeau - The Frenc1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMarco Fuster002759260
12003092CPrelim Plan Sandy Spring Friends S3Waiting for DRC meetingPendingNoMary Jo Kishter00137000
12004091APrelim Plan Cobblers Knoll3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesDoug Johnsen2000
12005003APrelim Plan LINTHICUM WEST3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesChris Van Alstyne0000
12005054APrelim Plan National Park Seminary1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12009011BPrelim Plan Barnesville Oak Farm3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn24000
12009011CPrelim Plan Barnesville Oak Farm3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJoshua Penn0000
12009038APrelim Plan Metro Plaza - Silver S1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesKathy Reilly5520142060
12011016APrelim Plan Adventist HealthCare S2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesParker Smith001506220
120110280Prelim Plan 6413 Orchard Avenue1Waiting for DRC ResponsePendingNoMarco Fuster0079560
12012002BPrelim Plan Pike & Rose (Mid-Pike 2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesParker Smith002600000
12012006BPrelim Plan North Bethesda Market 2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM0000
12013019APrelim Plan United Therapeutics 101Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120150100Prelim Plan White Oak Town Center2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAmy Lindsey2890650000
120150190Prelim Plan Magruders Pasture3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey3000
12016021APrelim Plan Cashell Estates3Waiting for AcceptancePrePendingYes 0000
12016022BPrelim Plan 8015 Old Georgetown Ro1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesGrace Bogdan00822700
12017021APrelim Plan Chestnut Ridge3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesDoug Johnsen00989550
12017021CPrelim Plan Liberty Mill Road3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey001250
120190010Prelim Plan Reddemeade3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 7120000
120190130Prelim Plan 8800 Brookville Road1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesElza Hisel-McCoy00205250
120190150Prelim Plan Takoma Junction1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesElza Hisel-McCoy00407610
120200030Prelim Plan Addition To Rays Adven3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
12020005APrelim Plan Creekside at Cabin Bra3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAngelica Gonzalez0000
120200100Prelim Plan PSTA Site2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesTamika Graham645019400
120200180Prelim Plan Kilmain ETC (Parcel P43Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey9000
120210020Prelim Plan Iglesia Vida Nueva Chu3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesAngelica Gonzalez0000
120210040Prelim Plan ELP Bethesda at Rock S2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesEMILY TETTELBAUM1560053000
120210060Prelim Plan King Souder Property3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth0000
120210070Prelim Plan Chevy Chase Section 51Waiting for DecisionPendingYesMarco Fuster5000
120210080Prelim Plan 4010 Randolph Road2Waiting for DecisionPendingYesParker Smith200035000
120210090Prelim Plan Shops at Travilah3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey00184430
120210100Prelim Plan 14301 Comus Road3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth0000
120210110Prelim Plan Milestone Senior Germa3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJeffrey Server111000
120210130Prelim Plan Hampden East1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesGrace Bogdan15003600000
120210140Prelim Plan 8001 Wisconsin Avenue1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Bush3500150000
120210150Prelim Plan Remembrance Park3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJonathan Casey0088700
120210160Prelim Plan 11801 Seven Locks Road3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth0000
120210170Prelim Plan 7820 Wisconsin. 7809 W1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120210180Prelim Plan Hammer Hill3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesRyan Sigworth00136000
120210190Prelim Plan 9545 River Road3Waiting for DecisionPendingYesJeffrey Server002197570
120210200Prelim Plan 19431 Walter Johnson R3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120210210Prelim Plan Kingsview Station3Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120210220Prelim Plan 7402 Garland Avenue1Waiting for DecisionPendingYesGrace Bogdan2000
120210230Prelim Plan Har-Tzeon Synagogue Se2Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000
120210240Prelim Plan Easleys1Waiting for Initial Comments SentPrePendingYes 0000