Recreation Facilities Calculator

Supply Table

Supply Values of Recreation Facilities

IdRecreation FacilityDetailsUses Total Demand PointsTotsChildrenTeensYoung AdultsAdultsSeniors
1Pedestrian Connection - Trail SystemView Details.1xD1.2xD2.15xD3.15xD6.15xD4.1xD5
2Heart Smart TrailView Details0910121212
3Fitness TrailView Details081214147
4Pedestrian BridgeView Details51012121212
5BikewaysView Details.05xD1.1xD2.15xD3.15xD6.15xD4.1xD5
6Bicycle Repair Room (indoor)View Details091012105
7Bicycle Parking GarageView Details071414125
8Dog ParkView Details023566
9Dog RunView Details004566
10Dog Cleaning StationView Details002333
11Indoor Community SpaceView Details.1xD1.15xD2.3xD3.3xD6.3xD4.4xD5
12Performance Space (Indoor)View Details4889109
13Indoor Gymnasium or Exercise RoomView Details.1xD1.1xD2.3xD3.3xD6.3xD4.4xD5
14Adaptive Sensory Gymnasium (Indoor)View Details997755
15Yoga RoomView Details024999
16Racquetball/Handball/SquashView Details01.51020202
17Futsal CourtView Details076750
18Indoor Fitness RoomView Details0xD1.1xD2.1xD3.25xD6.2xD4.15xD5
19Open Grass Area Lawn - Small (5,000 sf)View Details349993
20Open Grass Area Lawn - Large (10,000 sf)View Details691520156
21Open Grass Area Lawn - Urban (2,000 sf)View Details235783
22Natural AreaView Details.05xD1.05xD2.1xD3.1xD6.1xD4.05xD5
23Renovated Stream or Naturalized AreaView Details.1xD1.1xD2.2xD3.2xD6.2xD4.1xD5
24Community GardenView Details.1xD1.1xD2.1xD3.15xD6.2xD4.25xD5
25Ornamental Garden or Sculpture GardenView Details233785
26Playground (Age 2-5) [Tot Lot]View Details922333
27Playground (Age 5-12) [Play Area]View Details093242
28Playground (Age 2-12) [Multi-age Play]View Details9113242
29Inclusive Recreation PlaygroundView Details121243108
30Resident LoungeView Details0251087
31Screening RoomView Details026772
32Interior Courtyard, Garden or LawnView Details234775
33Multi-Purpose Lobby AreaView Details002332
34Internet CafeView Details005743
35Rooftop AmenityView Details0271075
36Community KitchenView Details0029106
37Urban PlazaView Details46618156
38Through-Block ConnectionView Details3551085
39Neighborhood GreenView Details576886
40Pocket GreenView Details355886
41Basketball – Full CourtView Details310151262.5
42Basketball – Half CourtView Details2571061
43Basketball – Adaptive UseView Details0910141212
44Tennis CourtView Details0571061
45Tennis - Adaptive UseView Details0912141212
46Volleyball or BadmintonView Details2231061
47Multipurpose CourtView Details310151082.5
48Baseball-Softball Diamond – LargeView Details2152025152
49Baseball-Softball – SmallView Details17101272
50Soccer -Lacrosse Rectangle – SmallView Details11081082
51Soccer -Lacrosse Rectangle – MediumView Details112101282
52Soccer -Lacrosse Rectangle – LargeView Details2152025152
53Swimming Pool – OutdoorView Details.05xD1.2xD2.2xD3.35xD6.25xD4.1xD5
54Swimming Pool –Indoor View Details.1xD1.2xD2.4xD3.4xD6.3xD4.4xD5
55Wading Pool View Details.2xD1.05xD20xD30xD6.05xD4.05xD5
56Lap PoolView Details0xD1.3xD2.4xD3.5xD6.3xD4.15xD5
57Lounge PoolView Details0xD10xD2.25xD3.4xD6.3xD4.15xD5
58Rock ClimbingView Details0091261
59Skate ParkView Details06101271
60Skate SpotView Details0491151
61Public ParkView Details45812108
62Community Use Urban ParkView Details45812108
63Civic GreenView Details691520156
64Community Recreation Center IndoorView Details.1xD1.2xD2.3xD3.3xD6.3xD4.4xD5
65School Athletic Field (Publicly Accessible)View Details2202525252
66Cultural Facility (Dance, Performance)View Details61014161616
67Inclusive Recreation Center for Adults (Outdoor)View Details2412252525
68Picnic/Seating View Details111.5333
69Public Art Seating - Active Multi-useView Details555555
70Interactive Outdoor Music and Art View Details553244
71Landscape Elements - Toddlers and ChildrenView Details433244
72Outdoor Game StationView Details003322
73Outdoor Fitness Station View Details003322
74Inclusive Adaptive Recreation ElementsView Details466999
75Terraced Garden Area View Details222222
76Stairs, Steps and Railings View Details034554
77Grilling AreaView Details002665
78Performance Setting - Stage Outdoor View Details254466
79Bicycle Wheel Ramp View Details001221
80Bicycle Support StationView Details003333


D1 = Total Demand Points for Tots

D2 = Total Demand Points for Children

D3 = Total Demand Points for Teens

D6 = Total Demand Points for Young Adults

D4 = Total Demand Points for Adults

D5 = Total Demand Points for Seniors